iNet 6 months at Hauraki District Council

emtel ventured in to a project with Hauraki District Council (HDC) to rebuild and redesign their internal Intranet which had stood the test of time for 15 years.  With technology changing so quickly these days HDC were looking to replace their MS FrontPage driven website with something that would allow multiple users to manage content on a daily basis.  A number of applications were tested but in the end WordPress coupled with Themler, a web design package that sits inside WordPress, was chosen to be the application and emtel landed the job to help take the council into the future.  The team to do the work was headed by Matthew Radford, IM Manager at HDC, Jill Steadman Read, Web Administrator, and Ethan from emtel.

After a years work on the project, an ALGIM Award runner up in the AGLIM Web Symposium, and 130 happy staff, iNet has taken off and is used more than the previous intranet with staff using if for Blog Posts, Group Activities, the Customer Services Knowledge Base, integration to a number of other in-house applications, and much more.

6 months on and the stats are racking up.

Type Count
Number of days 209
Number of staff 130
Number of visits per day 182
Number of visits per week 1,278
Number of visits per month 5,480
Number of visits per 6 months 38,180


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