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Web Services

Certificate of Title API

Link your GIS or Property systems to our online web service and preview a properties Certificate of Title.

The title preview is a non-authoritive copy of the title textural information that shows the ownership of land and the rights & restrictions that apply to the land, but excludes any plans or diagrams. What information will you see? Current View: Shows the current owners, legal description, registered rights & restrictions eg mortgages. Historic View: Shows all interests that have been registered against the current title since this title was created/issued.

Technical details

There are four different types of computer register, depending on the classification of the land:

  1. computer freehold registers (CFRs) for freehold land.
  2. computer interest registers (CIRs) for leasehold land, or for any land of a lesser interest than freehold.
  3. computer unit title registers (CUTRs) for stratum freehold or leasehold interests in a unit-titled development.
  4. composite computer registers (CCRs) a combination of the other three types, for example, a cross lease title is a combination of freehold and leasehold computer registers.

How do I get started?

  1. Contact emtel to purchase a licence.
  2. We will send you configuration instructions.
  3. Configure your GIS or Property application.
  4. All users can access Title information.