Information Technology

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emtel and Information Technology

Because emtel staff have been exposed to Information Technology for over 20 years we have obtained skills that see us cross the Geospatial border of Information Management into Information Technology.  For example we are proficient in Database Administration, have a high understanding and skill set when performing Application and Data Integration, can build and configure servers and desktop hardware, and provide general user support for most applications in the Microsoft stack.


Database Configuration & Scripting
Install & Build SQL Server Farm
Create Databases with Security
Stored Procedures
Data Migrations
Scripting & Backups


We play with databases on a daily basis and not just for our Geospatial work either.  Our staff are proficient in a number of database systems including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, and SQLite.


Information Technology Integration
Scope & Document
Create Pilot
Test & Modify


We Integrate, its that simple.  Every system has a way to integrate to it, even if it means crawling the live HTML site using smart scripts.  We setup, deploy, report on, and document all our integration.

User Support

Information Technology User Support
Review Documentation in Workshops
Schedule Time & Milestones
Manage the Project
Report Often
Project Complete – Document


From end user training to general IT phone support we offer these services if requested.  Application support has always been related to our core business because GIS often acts as the middleware to all systems.